Oil Process

Oil Process KESH 21

Kesh 21 is a judicious combination of eighteen rare herbs and three nourishing oils.

We procure fine quality herbs and process them in pure sesame oil. Our manufacturing process is known as Kalakh Pak Vidhi, which is an ancient method of ayurvedic oil production and ensures that the nutritive elements of the herbs & oils are preserved.

We have arrived at the formula of Kesh 21 after due consultations with senior ayurvedic physicians and have used ingredients and methods as advised by them. Our oil is helpful in reducing hairfall, treating dandruff & itching in the scalp. It also checks premature graying of hair. It adds vibrance to dull hair, giving them a lustrous shine.

Kesh 21 is enriched with wheat germ oil & hair growth promoting herbs like; Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Japa Pushp , Yastimadhu, KapurKachri, Shankhpushpi, Nagarmotha & Trifala. Wheat germ oil is a rich source of natural vitamin E, which makes the hair smooth & gives them a natural shine. Mehandi, Ghritkumari and Til Oil nourish the scalp.While herbs like : Neem, Tagar, Manjishtha, Rai, Vach, Kuth fight Dandruff.

Dear Customer we wish to assure you that you have bought a quality product for your hair needs. It is commonplace for manufacturers to add Mineral Oil (Light Liquid Paraffin) in hair oils, as it is a cost effective alternative to natural vegetable oils. Also Silicones are added to alter the rheology of the product. We are proud to proclaim that our oil is free of Mineral Oil & Silicones. We only use pure natural oils; Sesame, Wheat Germ Oil & Rai in the production of our oil.

We advise an overnight application of the oil on the scalp, to be rinsed in the morning with Kesh 21 RAS Shampoo. For optimum results a minimum application for three weeks is suggested. Results may vary from individual to individual.