What are the key ingredients of Kesh 21?

Kesh 21 hair oil is a judicious mixture of 18 rare herbs with 3 nourishing oils. In Kesh 21 we use high natural quality vegetable oils like Sesame oil, Wheat germ oil & Oil of Brassica Juncea. We do not use cheap & low-utility oils like Mineral Oil (Light Liquid Paraffin) & Silicone.

Is Kesh 21 sticky or greasy?

Kesh 21 is neither sticky nor greasy. It is specially formulated to have the desired product attributes.

In what hair conditions does Kesh 21 help?

The regular use of Kesh 21 checks hair fall, dandruff & premature graying. It also makes the hair smooth & gives them a lustrous shine.

Which are hair nourishing herbs in Kesh 21?

Kesh 21 is endowed with 10 pro-hair herbs, which include Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Japa Pushp, Yastimadhu, Kapur Kachri, Shankhpushpi, Motha, Amla, Harad & Baheda. These herbs have been added for their specific role in hair care & offer a natural synergy to promote healthy hair.

What are the uses of the other herbs in Kesh 21?

Well the role of each ingredient of Kesh 21 has been thoroughly studied, as discussed ten of them are pro hair and the other eleven also perform important functions. Herbs like Mehndi, Ghritkumari & Sesame oil provide vital nourishment to the hair & scalp. While anti-infective herbs like Neem, Tagar, Manjistha, Rai, Vacha & Kuth address dandruff & itching of the scalp. We have also incorporated Brahmi (Centella Asiatica), which is a tissue regenerator.

How do I get best results from the Hair Oil?

We recommend a continuous application for three weeks (21 days), to see a tangible reduction in hair fall. We also advise the concomitant usage of Kesh 21 RAS Shampoo for best results. Please be advised that since Kesh 21 is a natural product results may vary from individual to individual.

What makes Kesh 21 oil unique?

How is Kesh 21 RAS Shampoo different from the other shampoo's available in the market